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Welcome to My Mother's Caregiver 

My Mother's Caregiver exists to provide emotional support to anyone whose role has changed from being "cared for" to "caring for" someone - be that your parent, spouse, friend or relative. Whether you live with the person you are caring for, live near by or you are a long-distance caregiver, worrying and managing from afar, this site has something for you.

My Mother's Caregiver also exists to provide tangible information, resources,  answers and support, specifically for those affected by dementia and/or  looking for various elder care solutions in Ontario, Canada.

My Mother's Caregiver is operated by Sharon Osvald Communications in Brighton, Ontario, Canada.

Who is Sharon Osvald?

I am a wife, mother, daughter, and grandmother. My biggest love is my family: My husband of 29 years, our daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren, our son and  daughter-in-law, as well as my many siblings, extended family and one very scruffy dog.

Having done freelance writing since 1999, I've written for newspapers including The London Free Press, business and lifestyle magazines. I was the founding editor and writer of London, Ontario parenting magazine, The Mom & Caregiver (www.themomonline.com), as well as writing for lifestyle magazines, reporting and individual businesses. I am a Christian, youth leader, former broadcaster (www.ucbcanada.com), counsellor (www.newlifegirlshome.com) and worship coordinator www.brightoncrc.org 

I am  the daughter of a mother living in a Long Term Care home with vascular dementia. Seven years ago, during the transition process of moving to our home, my mother very suddenly began showing signs of dementia and delirium. Our family began the frightening journey of searching for answers while in the midst of crisis. Out of this difficult time, I began writing this blog and speaking about many of the challenges that exist when trying to navigate healthcare supports for older adults living with cognitive impairment.

In September 2013, I was hired as the Lived Experience Facilitator for South Eastern Ontario, working in partnership with Providence Care Seniors Mental Health & Behavioural Support Services and the Alzheimer Societies of SE Ontario, coordinating an advisory network of older adults and their family/care partners living with dementia and similar diagnoses. In April 2016, that role expanded to include facilitating the BSO Provincial Lived Experience Advisory with the Behavioural Supports Ontario Provincial Coordinating Office & brainXchange. I am also a Certified Teepa Snow Positive Approach to Care trainer and look forward to sharing this training with family/care partners in our region.

Although I often promote the Lived Experience Network  from this website, www.mymotherscaregiver.com is not officially associated with the South Eastern Ontario Lived Experience Network, The BSO Provincial Lived Experience Advisory or the Lived Experience Cafe through the website: www.dementiacrossroads.ca.

All comments and opinions expressed our my own.

I am so glad to walk alongside you in the journey.