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Alzheimer Awareness Month

The Effects of Alzheimer's


As we come to the end of January, we wrap up what was Alzheimer’s Awareness month. It is funny how unaware we are of things until they touch our lives.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to take  part in our local Alzheimer Society of Belleville, Hastings, Quinte’s “Walk for Memories”. In a very touching moment, the participants – over 3oo people, were all asked to hold onto a long blue ribbon. As the ribbon laced it’s way through the crowd, all of us touching it, the point was made – Alzheimer’s weaves it’s way through society and affects us all. The group was able to raise over $54,000 for this great cause.

This week I’ve decided to share an “audio” blog, a two-part radio interview I shared with UCB 102.3 FM and host Melanie Linn about the effects of Alzheimer’s on my life and my family. We discussed why this blog came to life, issues of faith and friendship as I faced this crisis. Please follow the link to my tumblr page and find the mp3 file at the top of the left side. Click to Play.


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