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Top Weekend Reading Picks


My Mother’s Caregiver has done some surfing and here are this week’s the Top Weekend Reading Picks for Caregivers. Hope you find it helpful!

Alzheimer’s isn’t funny…no, but a little humour goes a long way. See:

Giving too much? A Report on Compassion Fatigue and the health risk to caregivers:

Read this report about Seniors in Need, Caregivers in Distress:

An interesting article, A Caregiver’s Silent Burden:,sb=2977190,b=facebook

A great blog on caregiver stress and burnout (know the signs!)                                      

A great link to elder caregiving resources and information in South Eastern Ontario:

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Top Weekend Reading Picks


There are so many wonderful resources for caregivers, I just had to share.  Have a Wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend.

Here are My Mother’s Caregiver’s Top Picks for weekend reading:

Talk to me not my daughter. An interesting article about taking to seniors like they are non-persons:

A caregiver’s brave story of caring for their mother – thinking of all the children of mother’s with dementia this Mother’s Day:

It is never too late to reconcile. Consider that this Mother’s Day:

Know the signs and symptoms of Caregiver Burnout:

Another way to deal with worry:

Have a great weekend!

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