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Dear Blog,

Dear My Mother’s Caregiver,

I am sorry to have neglected you in weeks past. I really am still committed to you. I think about things I want to say to you almost every day.I pass the computer late at night and pause, missing you but alas I have had to walk on by.

You see I started a new part time job and my time has been cut in half. The weather got nice and gardens needed to be planted, grass needed to be cut and the pool needed my attention too. My daughter’s upcoming wedding and departure from the household has occupied my mind and time and of COURSE I still am caring for my mother – not just writing about her. :)

But don’t worry, dear blog, I have not forsaken you. I am all fired up about the shortage of ALC beds and have heart melting stories of seniors and their spouses I have met at the nursing home I am dying to tell you. I am meeting new people with new resources I will be sharing. Mom has been doing fine – no emergencies- just so you know. So, hopefully we’ll meet next week. Until then, keep sharing the info and stories that are already here with the rest of the world. Us caregivers really need each other.


Your blogger, Sharon xo


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