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The Extra Mile Club



Today I am sharing some information from Bayshore Home Health about a contest for Caregivers. Enjoy:

For All of You Who Go the Extra Mile

Bayshore Home Health, Canada’s largest national provider of home health care services, wants to acknowledge all of you who go the extra mile to care for aging loved ones, and let you know you are not alone. The commendable work you do is both recognized and appreciated. “Canadians are the quiet champions of health care.  They are conscientious, and feel obligated to take care of their loved ones,” said Stuart Cottrelle, president of Bayshore Home Health. “We want these caregivers to know that we understand their situation, are well aware of the degree of dedication and time it takes, and are seeking ways to help them to share experiences and recommendations for the benefit of all”.

According to a recent study undertaken by Bayshore Home Health, Canadians who assist older loved ones with their daily living spend nearly 17 hours per week doing it, and it is costing them. It limits Canadians – 45 per cent said it prevented them from travelling, generally noting that it cuts into their time to pursue hobbies and other interests.

Forty-nine per cent of these caregivers would like professional help, and 64 per cent feel that those not in their position don’t understand the level of commitment it takes to be an unpaid caregiver for a loved one.

“It was staggering to discover that more than half of Canadian caregivers feel as though the responsibility of caring for a loved one has steered them from enjoying simple things in life like travel,” continued Mr. Cottrelle. “We felt AIR MILES® was the perfect partner to give something back.” Bayshore knows what you do each and every day to ensure your loved ones can age in dignity and comfort, so from March 26, Bayshore’s “Go the Extra Mile” Facebook contest will enable Canadians to nominate a caregiver they know for a chance to win up to 25,000 AIR MILES reward miles. The Facebook page also provides a valuable resource for unpaid caregivers to learn tips from professional caregivers that can help them continue to care for their loved ones.

To learn more, visit Bayshore’s Facebook page at and find out more about the Go the Extra Mile contest.

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