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Shaking Dread
“My mom just doesn’t seem herself.  I have the sense something is off – the same way you know you are getting a cold before it actually hits. I’m filled with dread that any day I will wake up and bam it will hit us. I just can’t shake it.”

To read the rest of this new post “Shaking Dread”, Visit our sister site: My Mother’s Caregiver Devotional. Come for a little comfort. :)

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Concerned but not Consumed


“Today I was at the nursing home, “fussing” over my mom. She had two falls, two ambulance rides and two hip/pelvis x-rays in less than a week. I’ll admit I’m worried. Today I put my anxiety into action, speaking to her staff about some safety nets we could put into place to reduce the risk of her falling again…I am concerned, but not consumed.”

Read the rest of My Mother’s Caregiver Devotional on our sister site.

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The Long Run
“I never liked long distance running. Sprinting was much better. Your lungs and legs burned, but you were so full of adrenaline it hardly mattered. Just when you were about to run out of energy and power, the race was over.
 Caregiving is a long distance sport…”
Read the rest of this post at our sister site My Mother’s Caregiver Devotional.
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My Mother's Caregiver Devotional Post - Quiet Whispers


Visit our sister site My Mother’s Caregiver Devotional has a new post: Quiet Whispers.

“…what I haven’t shared yet are the conversations I have had with God. Calling out to Him in the night, like the psalmist, I’ve poured out my fears and doubts. He has answered me time and time again…”

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My Mother's Caregiver Devotional Begins

Comfort comes in many forms, but for me and many of our readers, faith is a big part of getting through the tough times.

As a result, in the new year a sister site is beginning called “My Mother’s Caregiver Devotional”…a devotional for caregivers. Each week I will share some of those words of comfort and encouragement for not just the body and mind but the spirit as well. I’ll announce those posts right here.

Come check it out at: ~Sharon

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