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Amazing Grace

Dear Mom, Well, I just wanted to write to tell you that you became a great grandmother again. Little Grace came into the world on Mother's Day morning making me a grandmother for the first time and I am certain now I will never be the same! It makes me a little sad that I can't share this experience with you fully, I am not sure how many times I've told you my daughter (your grand daughter) is pregnant - lots anyways. At this point although you recognize my kids, you can't seem to make sense of who everyone is anymore...but that's ok. Still, though I am happy. Becoming a grandmother has made me remember things I had almost forgotten about you. As I come alongside and support my grown daughter, stories of you come flooding back. I remember how you loved, encouraged and took care of me and everything so I could just learn how to nurse the baby and get my confidence. You were a great mom to me. You are a great mom to me - even as you slip away. I am so thankful for you! Love you, Sharon xo   

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