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Mom's Good Day

It's hard to believe that over five years have passed since my mom last sat with her legs dangling in our pool, laughing and visiting with our family - enjoying the barbecue, the warm summer weather and the drives to the lake.

In some ways it just seems like yesterday that she stayed with us that August visit and in other ways it feels like an eternity ago. I guess I hold onto that memory since it was the last time I recall spending time with mom before she began to shed layer upon layer of her true self.

I apologize for neglecting this poor blog lately, but unlike the early days of her dementia, there really isn't much to say. Our relationship has settled down to Mom slowly fading away and me looking for opportunities to connect - to share our love for one another, provide her with some comfort and see her smile.

The last few months those connections have not been so good. There were a few falls that she just didn't bounce back from, a stomach flu and an infection that took that punch out of her. Most of our visits (which I confess have been less frequent than I would like) have been either me watching Mom sleep or with her being very distracted and distant. Let's be honest, don't these kind of visits take the punch out of us too?

This Saturday it took a whole lot of self talk and pushing myself to go and see her. But to my surprise, I caught her on a good day;  a "smiley- alert -remembering and speaking more clearly than normal - saying my name- saying I love you"- kind of day. And you know what? It almost felt like a little miracle.

I embrace these days because I don't know when another one will come by. I cherish them because I know they will be few and I feel blessed and grateful because I got to "see" a little bit of the Mom that still remains. That's all that I can do. :)


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