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Top Weekend Reading Picks


My Mother’s Caregiver Top Weekend Reading Picks

An interesting article describing the issues related to caring for an aging parent from a distance. The content is not Canadian, but the issues are universal:

A heart tugger of a blog post, sharing the emotions and reality of living with someone you love who is dying:

A humorous look at getting older, check out:

On Friday, the province (of Ontario) announced that retirement homes will face a surprise inspection at least once every three years, with high-risk homes being visited more often. This is the latest move to help police this growing industry and ensure good and dignified care for 40,000 retirement home residents:–surprise-inspections-for-retirement-homes-just-a-first-step

An article with some good insights to care giving; be mindful of the selection of books recommended at the end of the piece:

Okay, Okay, so this last one I wrote in collaboration with Marriage and Family Therapist, Winnie Visser, but I think we all need a reminder to be intentionally encouraging to the people we love. Check out Winnie’s blog at:


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