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South Eastern Ontario Lived Experience Network &

BSO Provincial Lived Experience Advisory


They say experience is the best teacher.

Since September 2013, Sharon Osvald has served as the Lived Experience Facilitator (South East & Behavioural Supports Ontario) with Providence Care Seniors Mental Health and Behavioural Supports Services in partnership with the Alzheimer Societies of SE Ontario facilitating advisory conversations from older adults living with dementia/similar diagnoses and their family/care partners. In April 2016, her role expanded to include coordinated the BSO Provincial Lived Experience Advisory with  BSO Provincial Coordinating Office in partnership with brainXchange. 

If you would like an opportunity to share your insights, stories and observations to inform change to health care supports for older adults in both SE Ontario and the whole province, contact Sharon Osvald at:

Phone: 613-475-9943

Exchanging Knowledge, Partnering for Change

If you are a family member, care partner or older adult living with dementia or other similar diagnoses from Ontario, learn how your voice can be heard in the design, planning and evaluation of services:

SE Ontario Lived Experience Network: View Brochure

BSO Provincial Lived Experience Advisory: View PDF


Contact Sharon Osvald  for more information about speaking with your group about the Lived Experience Network or to share your own personal story.