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What They're Saying

What They're Saying 

"I love your blog! You have such amazing honest writings regarding caring for your mom, as she lives in a nursing home.
Everyone should read it"

"You page has just touched my heart to the core. I know this journey from personal experience and thank you for having this community here I am so proud to now be a part of. :)"

"Hi Sharon, I have posted the website on my facebook page ...what a wonderful resource and to read your insights and journey, thank you for reaching out and turning that which could have been darkness into the light!"

"I have just finished reading your website and am almost touched to tears ...We all have joys and sorrows in our lives.. small things like a smile may fill our heart. .p.s. I am forwarding your link to many of our email friends and family."

"I love reading your blogs..it makes my heart grow even more ... I cried as I read your blogs."